कुछ हसरतें अभी बाकी है। सफ़र काफी लंबा है, मंज़िलो का पता नहीं। रौशनी की तलाश में, रास्तो का बदलना बाकी है। कुछ हसरतें अभी बाकी है। ख़्वाबो के जनाज़े में, नई उम्मीद ने जन्म लिया। उस सोच के भरोसे, चंद पल मुस्कुराना बाकी है। कुछ हसरतें अभी बाकी है।

Will you give life one more chance

On the days, When you are sad and crying, When you are sick of trying, To live and cover it all with a smile. All the pain amplified, All you want is to feel numb and lost. The razor blade, your new best friend Lends and hand to help you You cut and you cut […]

Just a puppet.

He was just a puppet. Born free but bounded, To follow everyone else, To dance on their favourite tune. To lipsync their words, To mimic their actions. Soulless and heartless, Is what they want him to be. Silent and obedient,  Don’t he dare have a dream. Don’t he dare trespass, The boundaries of the community. […]

Words of an introvert

I’m not shy. I do feel uncomfortable. When there’s people around, Talking and laughing. I wish I could join them. I wish I could talk like them. I wish I could make friends. But I can’t, I’m scared. I don’t know why but I’m. I’m scared of opening myself up. What if they don’t understand, […]

रूह की आवाज

अस्थिर है मन तेरा, वो दर दर भटक रहा। चाहता वो न जाने क्या, न जाने क्यों वो यूँ डर रहा। बेबसी में बेताब सा, न जाने किसकी राह तक रहा। अपनी सोच में न जाने क्यों, यूँ रोज़ घुट घुट कर मर रहा। उसे संभाल ले , वो तेरे ख़्वाबो से लाचार है। सुन […]

Come to me

Come to me With two glasses of wine And words, just words Not sugar coated Just bare naked words Find me, sitting alone In the corner Silent but not calm Screaming yet unheard With heart beating but bleeding Come to me To know how it feels like And how hard it was Say Hello, And […]


Blurred faces Unclear voices The colorful darkness With shadows fading to black Standing alone in the crowd The holographic thoughts Screaming silently in my head Low to ground Yet high up in the clouds I wanna contribute to the chaos.