Outside that door

Outside that door, The door you have kept shut, Forever. Lies many adventures, To set your soul free. Lies many places, Wishing to be explored. Lies some beautiful music, To tap your feet on. Lies some blank pages, To write your heart on. Why be sad then, Why lock your heart in a cage. Let […]

Poetry which smiles.

To the Sorrow, My words breathe, To the pain, My rhymes speak. Hope, is something which is missing, Poetry with thin bright side, Poetry which smiles after every sentence, After every word. Maybe someday, I’ll write, A poem with the smile.

How you doing?

He was different. Maybe he preferred isolation. Maybe he chose not to speak up. Maybe he never tried to make friends. Sitting on the bench, silent While the other kids were playing. The corner seat of classroom, Maybe he liked that seat. He chose not to fit in, He chose not to gel up. Maybe […]

Will you?

I hope to see you Holding the candle When it’s dark around I hope to see you Lending me a hand When I’m drowning Deep in my insecurities. I hope to see you Smiling across the corridor When I’m sobbing Sitting alone in the corner I hope to see you Standing there for me Speaking […]


कुछ हसरतें अभी बाकी है। सफ़र काफी लंबा है, मंज़िलो का पता नहीं। रौशनी की तलाश में, रास्तो का बदलना बाकी है। कुछ हसरतें अभी बाकी है। ख़्वाबो के जनाज़े में, नई उम्मीद ने जन्म लिया। उस सोच के भरोसे, चंद पल मुस्कुराना बाकी है। कुछ हसरतें अभी बाकी है।

Will you give life one more chance

On the days, When you are sad and crying, When you are sick of trying, To live and cover it all with a smile. All the pain amplified, All you want is to feel numb and lost. The razor blade, your new best friend Lends and hand to help you You cut and you cut […]

Just a puppet.

He was just a puppet. Born free but bounded, To follow everyone else, To dance on their favourite tune. To lipsync their words, To mimic their actions. Soulless and heartless, Is what they want him to be. Silent and obedient,  Don’t he dare have a dream. Don’t he dare trespass, The boundaries of the community. […]