A dream I had

In this one dream I had,

All I can see is

A vivid blue sky,

The canopy of clouds,

Soothing my warm heart.

An endless road,

Calling me to the horizon.

To glance down on my past.

To talk over the circumstances,

That led me this far from home.

In search of that something,

I’ve been looking for in every other face.

In search of an escape,

Out of this labyrinth of life.

I hear people laughing at me,

As I stumble and fall down.

In this noise, 

I search for the sound of my heart,

Beating fast, proving I’m still alive.

Slowly losing breath and hope,

I sat down to catch up with life,

And recollect broken pieces of my soul.

Amidst the noises and my heart pounding,

I hear a sound, loud and aloud.

And out of blue, a strong thump on my back,

Bleeding, I reach for the heaven.

Screaming, I finally died.


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