A Night of an Insomniac

​And the sun rising up from the horizon ends one more sleepless night. As I lay down here, restless and clueless, stuck in paradox of thoughts.

“How quickly the night passed”,I asked myself.

It still feels quiet and low as midnight. Although birds are out there chirping songs of anything.

“How could I know, I’m not a bird”

It’s cold outside, the perfect weather to sleep calmly under the warmth of a cozy blanket. Everyone’s still asleep, I’m used to seeing people sleeping as I walk around my small little home.

“How did the night went”

I remember I saw a movie and the latest episode of Sherlock. Also the routine habit of listening the same rap songs of Eminem to mention. Is that all, Think Mayn Think.

“What else did I miss”

Oh! I missed dreaming. Although I never slept that does means I didn’t had a dream. I dreamed of glory. To be frank, I had dream living life of Eminem spitting rhymes slaying verses.

“That’s what I love, That’s what I wish to do”

But dreaming is worthless shit, unless you work upon it. It only harms and breaks you from inside.

“You dared to dream about it, So don’t you dare to not work to get it done”

You’ll have to buckle up your seatbelt and ride till you reach there. And the journey is beautiful I guess.

“You are still missing something, Idiot!”

I’m missing me. I’ve got a name but no identity. 

“Are you Joking! Google know you, You are damn famous”

I don’t care if  the person sitting next to me in the metro knows me or not. The fact is, I don’t know myself. I’m unaware of my capabilities, my weakness.

“Bro, You are getting philosophical”

“Ok, No one ever understands me, and it stays forever”

“You are tired now”

What should I do now. Shall I sleep or wait for my mother to wake and make me a cup of coffee. Shall I go out in cold and have a calm walk through fog.

 I don’t know.


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