A Strange Reflection

​Standing in front of the mirror

I saw someone on the other side

He did appear familiar

But was still a stranger to me

He had something unique on his face

Something he called smile

He was dancing to the tune of wind

He was singing songs of love

His eyes glittering with dreams

He smelt of springtime roses

His skin felt like the morning grass

His voice sound of beautiful proses.

He left me awestruck

He’s got everything I wished for

I couldn’t resist me to ask him,

“Who are you”

He kept silent and offered me his hand

“Let me show you something” he said

He took me to someplace strange

With mountains on one side

And the ocean on the other

Somewhere sun shines bright

Someplace lit by calm moonlight

With trees dancing gently

And a lake so pure and white

I glanced in the lake,

And saw me dressed like him

I saw myself happy

I saw ‘the smile’ on my face.

‘He was no one but me’ I screamed

He gave a gentle nod with grace.


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